Sunday, 23 September 2007

Diamond Valley Pinot Noir 2004

Diamond Valley 'Blue Label', Pinot Noir, 2004
Yarra Valley, Victoria, A$22, stelvin seal

This was the perfect thing to help pass an afternoon afloat on a friend's junk. Diamond Valley are a Yarra Valley producer, right on the edge of Melbourne. They have a reputation for producing excellent value Pinot Noir and after tasting this bottle I'd have to agree.

Having a sniff it seems the nose is all about fruit, but not the big, mushy, soft hydroponic fruit, this is tough, natural fruit; the kind you pick from the roadside amongst snakes and thorns. There a whole orchid of cherries, with an understorey of wild strawberries and a hint of dark berries, perhaps boysenberry. Having a few sips (mouthfuls) of this I'm very impressed with how drinkable and complete a package it seems. There are plenty of delicious fruit flavours going on; plum, strawberry and all those Pinot cherries, but what shines out is how approachable and drinkable this wine is. There's no hint of the gracefully integrated alcohol and the wine offers a complete mouth full of flavour and texture, something you could suck on all day long. Diamond Valley Blue Label Pinot Noir 2004 is an extremely attractive and drinkable wine that really floated my boat.

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Andrew said...

I can't believe that I have reviewed seventeen wines and this is the first one with a Stelvin 'screw-top' seal! Why am I buying all these wines sealed under cork?