Saturday, 28 June 2008

Meia Encosta Dão 2001

Dao, Portugal, MOP$128, cork seal

Saturday was a pleasant day in Macau celebrating a mates ‘Bucks party’, unfortunately Sunday morning wasn’t quite as pleasant. Though alongside my sore head I was surprised to find a couple of soothing bottles of Portuguese wine. A bit of quality investigative work revealed that they’d been purchased from the ferry terminal at a rather late hour. This is produced by the Sociedade dos Vinhus Borges.

Meia Encosta Dão 2001 is a fairly light crimson colour with a hint of orange around the rim. The nose didn't overwhelm me, but there was dark cherry, spice and milk chocolate flavours. Dominated by liquorice, mulberry and blueberry, the palate's also a subtle affair with a little tartness and hint of dried tangerine peel (something that's big in Hong Kong). Initially this opened with a lot of alcohol heat; it settled down though there was still warmth on the tail end. The tannins were beautifully integrated. Meia Encosta Dão 2001 is a soft, easy drinking, medium bodied and while not earth shattering is certainly pleasant enough.
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