Thursday, 27 November 2008

Fruits of Hope

Update from the Garden

While the economic climate's not one for celebrating November is glorious in Hong Kong. Perfect sunny autumn days are accompanied by surprising cool nights; pollution's minimal and the lack of humidity means the garden flourishes. While stock market's tumble, restaurant's shut and relationships teeter my little garden on the roof is showing encouraging signs of hope.

The passion fruit vine I propagated from a cutting has green fruit dangling in the autumn breeze. Young figs are getting plumper and plumper hidden under their covering of lush foliage. Lemons are turning yellow and capsicums red. Red seems to be a bit of a theme as stunningly bright pomegranates are ready for picking. My never ending hedge of basil is finally starting to go to seed, offering the means of germinating for the next crop.


Anonymous said...

School has started again.

Nice to be able to read your new entries. Thank you.

John D

Andrew said...

Hi John,

Yep schools back. I’m not sure if I'm particularly inspired by the idea of working, but it is good to be back in HK after a lovely summer in Europe.