Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Quinta da Lagoalva 'Talhao 1' 2004

Ribatejo, Portugal, MOP 90, cork seal
This is another purchase from the great wine store that is Macau. This is produced by Quinta da Lagoalva in Ribatejo and I've previously reviewed some of its red and white siblings. It's made from Fernão Pires, Arinto and Alvarinho grapes, but apart from that I can't tell you much else as the company's website is amazingly hopeless for such a large corporation.

It opens with a big, intense bouquet. The nose on this actually reminds me a bit of a good Chardonnay and it's all rather delicious with aromas of lemon curd, almonds, peaches and a touch of coconutty oak. The palate is a fruit fiesta with guava, pineapple and coconut standing out amongst a swagger of lush tropical flavours. This is a big wine with a concentration of aroma and flavour and a finish that is impressively long and lingering. At only MOP90 it's certainly good value, offering plenty of bang for your mop. Quinta da Lagoalva 'Talhao 1' 2004 is a distinctive kind of wine; it's rich and opulent, but if you dig the style you'll certainly be into this.

Visit winery's hopeless website.

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