Thursday, 14 May 2009

Tramin Lagrein 2006

Alto Adige, Italy, $178, cork seal
Well this is the first time I've had a wine made from the Lagrein grape and the first time I've had a wine from Alto Adige; which kind of makes sense as the grape is native to this northern Italian region. I purchased this bottle from il Bel Paese in Wan Chai.

This is dark in colour, really, really dark. On the nose there are aromas of blueberries, tobacco, pepper and chalk. This is one tasty little wine. It's medium bodied and opens with savoury earthiness - mushrooms and game - the mid-palate is lusher with cassis and milk chocolate flavours. However the most striking thing about this wine is the long, long finish - it got a real bitterness too, which alongside firm, chalky tannins gives it a striking intensity. Tramin Lagrein 2006 says classic Italian; it has me puckering for another mouthful and a big plate of osso bucco.

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