Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Only In Japan!

Coffee Flavoured Toothpaste
We've heard the rumours of the vending machines filled with used knickers, but Japan is home so, so much more in the crazy department. This 'L'espresso' coffee flavoured toothpaste was a gift from a friend; brought back from her honeymoon in Japan. It's flavour number 28 in the Breathe Palate range which suggests that there's a lot more craziness going on in the home of the weird and wonderful.

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Edward said...

Do they have green tea toothpaste?

Andrew said...

Hey Ed

I'm assuming so. I had a look on their website and there're about 50 flavours. All in Japanese so I have no idea what they are, but green tea would have to be up there with seaweed, peach and Hello Kitty in the top ten!