Sunday, 20 May 2007

Wine Prices; the Joke Continues!

I have written before about my disgust at the lack of consistency one encounters with supermarket wines prices (see here). In this previous post I used the Jacob's Creek range of wines as an example of how prices wildly fluctuate; up to 31% for these wines. I also mentioned how when wines are on 'special' I am a little sceptical of the price they are being reduced from.

Today I visited the supermarket to purchase the few things that I can't get at local shops and wet market. Wandering down the wine aisle you can imagine my interest when I saw Jacob's Creek on 'special'. The whole range was being promoted at a 'discount' price of $82 reduced from $115. Monitoring the price of theses wine I have seen them sold for between $75 and $109, but never ever for $115. Is this price of $115 really legitimate? If it is and I've missed it, it now means that the price of Jacob's Creek can fluctuate by up to 35%! However as I have never seen this wine sold at this higher price I am tempted to suggest that the supermarket chain in question is trying to convince consumers they are getting a good deal when in fact we are not. The wine is neither being sold for an especially cheap price and the price it is supposedly reduced from is in fact an inflated production of somebody's imagination.

Why would you buy wine from these people? Their prices vary so much they lack any sort of consistency; with a few exceptions they stock boring massed produced wines; the wine they do sell is stored so badly that labels are often water damaged or sun bleached and I am very sceptical of their integrity when promoting wine as being on "special". I have to ask myself if I cannot trust them to promote and label wine prices fairly, can they be trusted with anything else?


Anonymous said...

Good detective work nudgey-me-boy ... keep fighting the good fight.


Andrew said...

Thanks mate, I hope all's well.

Let the evil supermarkets of the world tremble. Oh and there's recipes coming soon.