Monday, 3 December 2007

Restaurante Platao

3 Travessa Sao Domingos, Macao
Visited 1st December
All Hong Kong seems to be flocking to Macao's bright lights; Saturday we joined the crowds and shoved aboard the First Ferry at Central. Naomi and I met up with a group of friends who instead of contributing to the bursting coffers of the casinos were there to participate in the Macao Marathon. First thing Sunday I was running the half marathon and Naomi was doing the 5km 'mini marathon' so dinner Saturday wasn't going to be a late night. We chose Restaurante Platao because of its central location hidden in an ally just off Senado Square. Platao's lovely outdoor courtyard also offers a place to escape Macao's noticeably smoky restaurants.

Platao's culinary offerings aren't always authentically Portuguese, but the menu features a few decent attempts as well as a handful of Asian dishes like curry and fried rice. I initially ordered Bacalhau but was quickly corrected by a serious mate who gave me a lecture on carb loading or something. The 'fettuccine with salmon' I chose instead was disappointing; the serve was small and smothered in a very average, gluggy sauce. My athletic friend was even more shocked when I had my one glass of Monte Velho Alentejano, an enjoyable Portuguese wine made in a very 'New World' style. Naomi ordered 'pork chop Portuguese style' that was served with potato, chourico and olives and topped with a fried egg; a tasty dish that was a more generous serve, though it still had a bit of the sloppy sauce thing going on.

My friends ensured I had a pleasant evening at Platao, but apart from the superb setting I can't think of much too really recommend it from this visit. The service was pretty average; despite the fact the senior waiter is a fantastic, friendly guy who's always on the ball. Though I've enjoyed the food here in the past, my meal was uninspiring and expensive. Though Platao's not terrible, the atmospheric courtyard is it's biggest draw card; just make sure you don't order the pasta.

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