Thursday, 10 April 2008

Chateau Jolys Jurançon 2005

Chateau Jolys Jurançon 2005
Pau, France, $89, synthetic cork seal

I grapped this from a local super market in an attempt to satisfy Naomi's love of all things sweet. The Jurançon is new to me, but it's apparently an appellation in the Pyranees in southern France. The region speacilises in dry whites and botrytis affected sweet wines made from the locally ingidinous grapes Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng and Courbu. This wine is made from 95% Gros Manseng and 5% Petit Manseng.

Chateau Jolys Jurançon 2005 has suggestions of apricots and pears on the nose, but it's dominated by the aroma of big, juicy, sweet pineapples. The pineapple smell is really obvious and reminds me of one of thsoe huge cans of Golden Circle pineapple juice. The palate has citrus and pinaapple flavours, but to describe the dominate taste I again turn to a can. This time it's that magicaly sweet mix of SPC peaches and mangoes in natural syrup - you remember the annoying TV add; "peaches, mangoes, peaches"? It's sweet, but there's enough acidity present to keep it fresh and stop it getting too clingy and sickly. Chateau Jolys Jurançon 2005 is pretty tasty and for the price it's a steal and definately worth trying.
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