Tuesday, 20 October 2009

An Old Whine

Geisweiler Vougeot 1987

While I've got a bit of oldish Aussie Cabernet and Riesling tucked away back in Australia; in Hong Kong I tend to drink young wines. The lack of decent cellaring facilities in the village house I call home and the ridiculously inflated prices of restaurant wine lists mean I just don't have access to old wine at reasonable prices. I was pretty happy then when a mate arrived with a bottle of 22 year-old Burgundy. The occasion a game of Risk, the wine a Geisweiler Vougeot 1987.

Expectation turned to hesitation when I poured the wine. A dull yellow colour it was obviously past its best. Having a sip the fruit had dried up and all that was left was a brandy like alcohol. Oh well, such is wine and such is life. My mate said the wine was a present from his ex-girlfriend so I wonder...

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