Friday, 22 January 2010

Domaine Tournon Shiraz 2005

Mt Benson, Limestone Coast, $160, cork

M. Chapoutier is a big time Rhone producer, but also a company of vision who have diversified with vineyards across southern France, Portugal and Australia. The Domain Tournon label is M. Chapoutier's Australian venture which focuses on growing Syrah on unique Australian terroir. They have vineyards at Heathcote, the Pyrenees and at Mt Benson, where this is from. The wine is biodynamic and organic. It's rather cool to see the label includes Braille. Sniffing this it screams Aussie red; it's big and beefed up. There's plenty going on with dark fruits, spice and beef kangaroo jerky. Having a sip it's packed with fruit, but is still deliciously savoury. It's all about blackfruits: think blood plums, black currents and blackberries. The most intriguing thing about this however is the texture. On the first day it was really bizarre; chewy, big and consuming, yet by day two it had settled and became a lot silkier. You can see a touch of Mr Chapoutier's Rhone here, but it's the Rhone with extra chunks. Nice wine.

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