Monday, 25 January 2010

Taking it to the Streets

HK Magazine 15th January 2010
This blog is so far behind that I'm basically ignoring posts tagged with 'media watch'. So despite the temporal irrelevance of this post I still thought it was time to stop and pay tribute to HK Magazine. For a rag you pick up for free in bars the quality of the reporting is generally excellent and the paper as whole isn't afraid to grapple with controversial issues. Our beloved mag is only published weekly, yet it's coverage of dinning around Hong Kong is more extensive than the total weekly output of the daily South China Morning Post. This week's magazine featured a five page guide titled 'Taking it to the Streets' about Hong Kong's dai pai dongs, an accompanying article about bureaucratic threats to these traditional outdoor restaurants, three restaurant reviews plus an introduction to a new restaurant, a page of food and beverage news and Amy Ma's 'Hot Tables' column. And how much do we pay for all this goodness? Nothing, yep that's right folks, a total cost of zero point zero dollars. It's time we all said thanks to HK Magazine.

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John D said...

What a thoughtful post!
Yes, I also enjoy my weekly read of HK Magazine.

And don't bother falling behind, just keep going.

Best wishes,

John D

Andrew said...

Hey John

I'm slowly catching up I think; at least I'm in 2010 now!

I am a pretty big fan of HK Mag - for a free magazine it offers a lot in a city were journalism is, as a rule, very conservative.