Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bad Bottled Water

The Story of Stuff

For me if a restaurant serves tap-water or not is often the key factor in my decision whether or not to go back. In Australia (and many other civilised countries) refusing to serve tap water is illegal, yet in Hong Kong it's a common practise. Having safe drinking water is something many people can only dream about, yet in Hong Kong we've let fear and corporate propaganda stop us from enjoying beautiful clean water; water that's certainly a lot better than I would drink in many parts of Australia. I challenge someone to show me proof that Hong Kong's tap water is unsafe to drink.

My disdain of bottled water isn't an issue of health or expense, but an environmental concern. This little video from Annie Leonard and the team at The Story of Stuff does a good job of explaining why bottle water is such a terrible thing. Let's just hope that Hong Kong restaurants one-day get the picture and start to put the environment before profits.

Visit the Story of Stuff website.

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