Monday, 28 June 2010

The Myth of a Smoking Ban

Dying of Lung Cancer

I'm into the World Cup - watching Dutch games at Grappa’s, extremely satisfying English games at friends’ homes and Australia's matches at 2.30 in the morning on a computer screen. The pathetic, profit grabbing arrangement where the World Cup can only be watched on pay TV means that I've also been frequenting Yuen Long's 'local' bars in desperation to catch a game. With supposedly fairer prices and no ridiculous service charge I was looking forward to some quality local pub time. My expectations however have been shattered by minimum spending amounts, having to buy peanuts and worst of all nearly dying from smoke inhalation.

Smoking in public spaces such as bars and restaurants is illegal in Hong Kong. It has been since 1st July 2009. A visit to Wan Chai or Lan Kwai Fong will reveal the puffing hoards pathetically perched out on the street, while inside the fresh air rules. It’s probably pretty obvious I hate cigarette smoke, I understand smoking is a personal choice, however what I really don’t like is having to be subjected to clouds of foul smelling, toxic filth. I’m really pissed off about Hong Kong’s discriminatory and pathetic application of the supposed ‘anti-smoking laws’. These laws seem to only apply to those frequenting western style bars in popular areas and are blatantly ignored in every ‘local’ bar I’ve been to; whether in Causeway Bay, Tin Hau, Mong Kok or Yuen Long. No smoking means NO SMOKING and it's about time the Hong Kong Government got off their arses and did something about enforcing this so called 'law'.

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