Thursday, 19 August 2010

Making Pasties

Homemade Pasties
18th August 2010

After Germany it was time to visit my mother's family in Cornwall. This was Joey's first visit to this spectacular part of the world and I wanted to ensure she got a good impression and for me a big part of visiting Cornwall is getting stuck into the local delicacies; Cornish pasties. My cousin's husband, a good Cornish lad, stepped up and volunteered to show us his handy work and whip up some homemade pasties.An action shot of Matt rolling out the homemade pastry.First in goes the onion, swede and potato; then it's chunks of Cornish beef.
The finished packages of goodness; absolutely superb.


Anonymous said...

Happy Lunar New Year, Andrew.

John D

Andrew said...

Cheers John

Let's hope the year of the Rabbit is a good one!


Anonymous said...

i remember you bragging about these at work.. never ate em though