Monday, 18 June 2007

Meguro Sushi

1/F, Sun Yuen Long Centre, Yuen Long, NT
Visited 17th June

Since moving to Hong Kong I've developed a passion, perhaps even an addiction, for sushi. Attached to the Yuen Long KCR Station is a branch of the Meguro Sushi chain, as this restaurant happens to be the closest to my work it must take some of the blame for my escalating sushi cravings. Having spent the weekend moving house we were too exhausted to cook and by chance Meguro Sushi, also, just happens to be the closest restaurant to our new home.

As Naomi doesn’t eat fish, I reckon even getting her into a sushi joint is pretty impressive. She seemed totally contented with the miso soup, beancurd wrapped sushi, chicken skewers, gunkan maki sushi topped with diced duck 'salad' and crispy fried gyoza she ordered. On the opposite side of the table I repulsed her with the fishy delicacies I slurped on: jumbo salmon sushi, rolled sushi stuffed with a freshly fried prawn, tuna roll, Wagyu beef sushi and a rolled sushi topped with avocado and stuffed with soft-shell crab. The contrast of the crispy warm prawn and gluggy rice makes the ebi fry maki my absolute favourite. The rest of the dishes were good; the fresh Wagyu beef, with it's garlic garnish, is another favourite. Apart from the mandatory green tea, I also managed to sneak in a couple of cold cans of Asahi. The bill wasn’t cheap at $220 for the two for us, but the problem with sushi is that you never stick to the basics and just keep ordering all those good looking little treats.

I'm certainly not a sushi expert, but Meguro Sushi seems to offer reasonable quality sushi. The fish is always fresh and and tender and they have an clear menu with plenty of options. The service is OK and the place has a bit of a fun feel with all the wacky seasonal sushi they devise - the salmon pumpkins at Halloween were an amusing favourite. Value wise Meguro Sushi isn't the best deal in town, you can get a lot of cheaper raw salmon around Yuen Long, but I appreciate it as an easy option for tasty snacks.


thelittleshortblondasian said...

i heard that it went bankrupt and closed all the stores. :( i liked the sushi. IT WAS THE BEST IN MY LIFE!!!!

Andrew said...

Hey sk8trguy101

Yeah unfortunately Meguro Sushi is no more. I'm really disappointed as the sushi was good and reasonably priced and the Yuen Long branch was one of the closest restaurants to my house. In fact I'd probably go there for lunch today if they were open! Sadly another victim of these "tough economic times".