Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Warsteiner Premium Verum

Warsteiner Premium Verum
Warstein, Germany, $8.80

One of the great things about drinking beer is every sip lets you enter into a world of miss-represented masculine stereotypes ... remember those 'classic' Australian VB ads that promoted "a big cold beer for a hard earned thirst”. Well I’d just finished moving house and reckon I had a “hard earned thirst”. This bottle was in the fridge and it earned the honour of being the first “big cold beer” drunk in our new home.

Poured into the glass this Pilsner style beer is a beautiful glistening golden colour, with a spongy, airy head and chunky bubbles. The nose has strong, obvious, slightly sweet yeasts that carry on right through to palate; I'm thinking something reminiscent of baking sour-dough. Initially clean and refreshing it builds through to a fuller aftertaste with hints of both sweet fruitiness and lovely bitter hops. A very drinkable drop; and while there's probably beers with more flavour out there, I was reaching for another one pretty quickly.

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