Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Thai Modern

Transport Plaza, Fung Cheung Rd, Yuen Long, NT
Visited 12th June

On my first visit here six or seven months ago I ordered a beer and was told "we don't have any, but feel free to go and buy what you want from 7/11". This open, corkage free, BYO policy quickly secured Thai Modern a place amongst my favourite Yuen Long restaurants. Though they've since (unfortunately) managed to get a license, they still dish up plenty of tasty Thai dishes. We visited with a group of friends for our usual Tuesday night meal.

To begin we shared a couple of plates of spring rolls and prawn cakes; some quality fried, crispy starters to accompany the Singha beers we grudgingly ordered. Eventually moving onto the mains we ordered prawn curry, fried squid with spicy pepper, Thai style vegetables, grilled lamb, sweet and sour chicken and satay beef and chicken skewers. All were good: the curry was based around a smooth coconut cream sauce with plenty of fresh Thai basil; the squid was fresh, tender and well seasoned; the not overly sweet chicken was served with big, appealing chunks of mango; and the char grilled satay skewers were accompanied be an excellent peanut sauce. Our meal came to about $100 a head, pretty good value considering we drunk a few beers and were stuffed full of food.

Thai Modern's ambiance is a step up from your average Yuen Long eatery. The food is well presented, with enough orchids scatted about to impress any lady. The open plan restaurant is filled with Thai inspired decor, statues, wall hangings and fake palms, and is nicer then it sounds. While the service is not always 10/10 - we had too ask a couple of times for a round of beers and at busy times the food can be a little slow - Thai Modern does try and the staff are usually polite and relatively efficient.

Friendly service, comfortable decor, reasonable prices and tasty food definitely make Thai Modern worth a visit. The final good news was I managed to talk them into letting me keep bringing BYO wine without a corkage charge.

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