Thursday, 14 February 2008

A Korean Apple and Some Gingseng Candy

Generously Given Korean Snacks
Naomi and I have relocated our Korean adventure to the world class ski fields of YongPyong. The snow is crisp and dry; the runs long, wide and steep; the slopes blissfully empty and the whole place set at a chilly minus 15. While empty slopes are great for boards and skis, they also tend to mean a rather boring resort of an evening. The perfect example of the Korean company town, YongPyong's below average
dinning options are just as abandoned as its runs. At least in the neighbouring town we were able to get a decent, cheap serve of bulgogi or barbequed beef.

While finding a meal that deserves eating is a challenge steeper than the evil double black diamond runs, finding a snack doesn't seem to be an issue. A man in the hotel lift gave us a beautifully fragrant apple mainly, I think, because it was a Korean apple and he was a proud Korean. Another fellow on a bus passed us a fist full of ginseng candy and chocolate along with our requested directions. The apple was divine, the chocolates good and the ginseng candy a nice gesture. By throwing food to the seals the locals are making a great impression.

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