Sunday, 3 February 2008

Peas, My Glourious Peas.

Update from the Garden
When we moved into a new flat last year we were lucky enough to be on the top floor and have our own personal roof top space. Most of the time I tend to think or this area as a 'barbecue terrace' or 'beer garden', but while it's a great place for kicking back with a beer or having friends around for a barbie, it's also presented an opportunity to grow a few veggies and herbs.
Today I harvested the first peas and mint. I tossed the handful of home-grown snow peas with beans, the mint, pine nuts and some feta in a tasty salad. Now I can't wait until the tomatoes and capsicums kick in, though I'll have to wait and see how the pumpkins go...


Edward said...


I can't imagine how sweet home grown produce must taste in HK!

Andrew said...

Hey Edward

It's absolutely superb. The thing I'm enjoying the most is having access to fresh herbs for cooking (including the oregano cuttings I bought back from Tuscany). I'm not sure how all the pots will go over the heat of summer, but hopefully I should get a good crop of tomatoes before that.


Edward said...

Excellent. I love the idea of having hand picked oregano from hand picked cuttings all the way from Italy. How could any restaurant ever beat that!