Monday, 11 August 2008

Not Eating with China Southern

CZ 3451 Shenzhen to Lijiang 10th August 2008

Apart from having to offset a heap of a lot of carbon credits, one thing about taking ten flights in a month means you eat way too much airline food. I thought I offer a quick little summary of how it all tasted: QANTAS - relatively good and assisted by an solid choice of beverages.

Virgin Blue - having to pay results in a very polite "get stuffed".

Dragon Air - pretty good and washed down with banter from a very amusing Captain.

China Eastern - below average and just palatable.

• and finally China Southern. What do China Southern and food have in common? Nothing. The picture shows the box of 'delicious' treats we were given on the five hour flight. A stale 'bun' filled with suspect tuna like substance, an extremely solid piece of 'cake' and a tub of iron hard 'jelly' that resembled a yellow rock; mmmmm truly tasty.


Edward said...


I think I had the same meal 20 years ago! Did the hostess through the box across the isle too :)

Andrew said...

Hi Edward

The 'cake' was so hard it could actually have been from the same batch you had 20 years ago.

To be fair the service on Chinese domestic airlines in generally OK, it's often the customers who cause the stress.


Anonymous said...

it's often the customers who cause the stress...