Sunday, 3 August 2008

Squid in my Sandwich

Lunch with friends

I'm back in Hong Kong for a few days preparing for a holiday in China. Excessive sightseeing with visiting friends has resulted in a much needed rest day spend in front of the TV watching footy. Dinner's a lamb roast, for afternoon tea there's a selection of cheese lined up and for lunch? Why squid sandwiches of course. My mate's passion for these tentacled critters meant that we decided to try this slightly abstract meal; something none of us had ever had before. Generous serves of fresh barbecued squid were squashed into crusty white rolls with lime mayonnaise and lettuce. The result was absolutely superb; a tasty sandwiches that went down perfectly with a few crisp beers.


Edward said...


This looks like a terrific snack, almost like a tapas plate from Barcelona!

Andrew said...

Hey Edward

I'm finally getting a chance to clear the backlog of posts!

The squid sandwiches were certainly good, but I'm pretty biased as I lave squid. Not sure if it's the taste or the fact it's probably the most environmentally friendly of all seafood.


Anonymous said...

Since trying your squid sandwich, i have tried to have some squid every day! I just Love it!

Andrew said...

Hey 'Anonymous'

Yeah squid a pretty tasty treat. Just got to get it fresh, makes a huge difference when it's been frozen.