Saturday, 23 August 2008

Yuen Kee

28 Kimberly Rd, TST
Visited 22nd August 2008

Some people you just don't want to be stuck with in a confined space (ie. the third floor of a Yuen Long village house), so when a mate's visit happened to coincide with a visit from Typhoon Nuri we decided to sit out the storm in the relative luxury of Lan Kwai Fong. For a good part of the day the eye of the storm was passing over Central and during this eerie calm we scuttled across to TST to visit friends. After a few beers watching the spectacular views of storm clouds streaming past their window it was time for dinner. Most places were shut, but just outside on Kimberly Rd Yuen Kee was open and doing a roaring trade. There's nothing flash about this local eatery which I suppose you'd call a Cantonese dinner.

Typhoon Nuri must have hampered supply lines as they'd run out of duck, run out of pork and even run out of vegetables. Contenting myself with the basics I went with a bowl of noodle soup with prawn wontons and beef. It was a tasty dish; the chunky wontons were packed full of prawn, the beef meltingly tender and the soup base was good. The serve was huge and I couldn't get through it all, though a couple of cans of cold San Miguel did help with digestion.
At only $28 for a huge bowl of noodles and $18 for a beer you can't complain about the prices at Yuen Kee. While the settings not particularly glamorous there's nothing wrong with the food and if you're ever stuck in a typhoon Yuen Kee could be a good option.

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