Tuesday, 9 December 2008

La Baume Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Languedoc, France, $20.60, synthetic seal
This was going for a crazy $20 at my local Park N Shop. Though they're not often to be trusted they claim the usual price for this $69 which makes it a rather serious discount. I couldn't find out much about this Vin de Pays wine from the Languedoc, though it's strangely packaged in a classy heavy bottle yet sealed with a crappy synthetic cork.

This is a little more golden than I expected and the couple of years of bottle age could have been a factor in its heavy discount. La Baume Sauvignon Blanc 2006 smells like there's a touch of creamy oak, though there are also aromas of tropical fruits and gooseberries. This is surprisingly big and full bodied. It tastes of grapefruit and honey dew melon. Long, rich and round this is pretty good, though it lacks flair and real interest. Certainly excellent value at the price I paid.

Visit winery's bizarrely Dutch website.


Edward said...


I remember drinking Hardys La Baume (Languedoc) - which was the Aussie Hardys before they got swallowed by Constellation. I wonder if this is the same business?

$20 HK is crazy for a bottle of wine.

Anonymous said...

It rather reminds me of the Pigalle that we used to buy for HKD11 or 12 not so long ago: nothing special, but it was alcoholic and it tasted alright.

Best wishes,

John D

Andrew said...

It could be as it's widely available in HK and has a presence in the supermarkets. I'll have a closer look at a bottle next time I see one around.

Was the $11 OR $12 when the 80% wine duty was still in place? $20 is a bargain isn't it. I don't like buying wine at Park n Shop but there prices fluctuate a lot and some real bargains can be had at times