Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Snap Shot Dartmoor

Trip to Devon
22nd to 29th December 2009

It's Christmas time and I find myself is Devon, England for a family Christmas. While obviously the most important part of the trip was spending time with both the English and Australian sides of my family another highlight was the opportunity to spend a bit of time roaming Dartmoor. My great grand parents lived on the edge of this spectacular wild area and for my family today it is an important place.
This spectacular tor sparkles in the sun, though the winter weather is not always so inviting.

Dartmoor Ponies are a breed of tough little horses that roam semi-wild across the moor. They along with the moor's population of cattle and sheep are often seen running free.The tiny hamlet of Post Bridge is found in the middle of Dartmoor. The above snap shows the town's 'clapper' style bridge spanning the East Dart River. This style of bridge is unique to Dartmoor and this example with granite slaps weighing over 8 tons each was constructed in the 1780s. Hints of winter as ice forms.

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