Saturday, 1 August 2009

Cave de Tain Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, Rhone, cork

My brother had this lying around and I'm lacking details; both the price and year of vintage escape me. I do however know that it's 100% Syrah grown on the steep terraces of St Joseph. The Cave de Tain cooperative that produces this was founded in 1933 and today has over 330 members. I'm not sure what the 'terre de violette' or 'purple land' on the label is all about, though google translator happily informs me that perhaps the wine is called the 'purple potato'.

Boy the noise on this was initially faint; I got just the slightest whiff of cassis, fennel, aniseed and chalk. The palate also seems pretty vacant with just a hint of sweet fruit, think cherries, and a touch of green capsicum. When I first sipped this I was about to start ranting about pink socks and white flags, but the wine managed to redeem itself a bit with time; as it opened up and nose gained some delicate floral aromas. Cave de Tain Saint Joseph is light to medium bodied. It's an OK wine that smells of pretty flowers, but tastes of nothing much, though a hint of tannin and acidity help to keep the palate structured and fresh. One for the faint hearted.

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