Friday, 14 August 2009

Snap Shot Montenegro

Trip to Montenegro
9th to 14th August 2009

It may not be a big country, but a week is certainly not long enough to explore Montenegro. Having driven in from Croatia we spent our first couple of nights on the peaceful Bay of Kotor before moving to the spectacular Sveti Stefan. Though we didn't have a proper look at the inland, our afternoon exploring the surrounds of Lake Skadar was certainly memorable.
The view from the hillside above the town of Kotor with the massive Bay of Kotor behind.
Climbing higher above the town are the impressive ramparts of an extensive ruined fortress.
Illuminated at night the fortress is brilliant; depending on your perspective it either resembles a lion or a heart.
Sveti Stefan's spectacular hotel. Built within the buildings of the original fishing in the 1950's the hotel was once the height of sophistication and luxury on the Adriatic. Today it is supposedly in the process of redevelopment from the decline it suffered when Yugoslavia broke up.
Some things just aren't meant for the beach and this certainly includes high heels and techno! Rows of sunbeds cater for the mobs of Russian package tourists who descend on the Montenegro coast sprouting leopard print bikinis and hairy chests draped in tattoos and bling.
The fresh seafood on offer at Pržno's water front restaurants.
The views weren't bad either.
An enjoyable morning was spent wandering the ruins of a medieval fortress near the town of Bar.
A sparkle of blue amongst the dry rugged hills.The green shores of Lake Skadar.
A couple of locals out for a strollA swimmer soaks up the sunset.

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