Thursday, 6 August 2009

Restaurant Jadranka

9 Uz Pjacu, Bol, Brac, Croatia
Visited 5th August 2009

After the excitement of Shrewsbury the next stop on my summer holiday was a visit to the Island of Brac on Croatia's Dalmatian coast. The four days we spent in Brac's main town of Bol were great and a part of our enjoyment came from the great local food. On our last evening we dined at Restaurant Jadranka. Slightly back from the beach and through the square where the post office is; the restaurant sprawls through a couple of large, open-aired, walled gardens. The setting is fantastic, especially when lit by candle light of an evening. The owner is an accomplished carver and a series of interesting wood sculptures decorate the restaurant. Croatia food echoes Italian cuisine in many ways. Pizza, pasta, grilled meat, simple seafood, salad and bread all have an obvious presence as does the importance attributed to the quality and freshness off the ingredients. Before we had even ordered we were presented with bread, butter and pesto. The thick, heavy bread was delicious and the pile of bright pesto had obviously been freshly made; excellent stuff. For our main we decided upon a platter of grilled meat and were presented with a towering pile of lamb chops, chicken, steak, kebabs and pork fillets, all simply grilled. Accompanying this feast of flesh were a few simple fries, lemon for squeezing and a delicious capsicum based sauce, again homemade. We ordered a side salad and the simple dish of lettuce, onion and tomatoes impressed me with its freshness and I wasn't surprised when I was told that the lettuce had been grown in the proprietor's garden. To drink we did our usual and ordered a carafe of the highly drinkable local wine. I really liked Restaurant Jadranka. The courtyard made for a relaxing setting and the staff were friendly and welcoming; however what impressed me the most was the freshness of the ingredients and the quality of the obviously homemade food. I'm not a bit fan of fluffy foam and sparkly garnishes so well prepared, simple food is a recipe for success in my book. We ate lots of good grub while in Bol, but Restaurant Jadranka would have to take the award for the most memorable meal of stay.

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