Monday, 26 July 2010

Snap Shot Bergen

Visit to Bergen
23rd to 25th July 2010

OK enough of the sitting around eating and drinking in London, it's adventure time. This summer my first stop was Norway; the winner of my internal 'where do I want to most visit battle'. I was joined for the first part my brother and his girlfriend and we had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend exploring Bergen.
The distinctive old buildings of the Hanseatic wharf.
On our first day we took a Norway in a Nutshell tour; an accessible way to soak up Norway's spectacular scenery. Here we have Sognefjord; Norway's largest fjord.
There were plenty of gulls tailing us on our cruise.
An isolated, but majestic landscape for the villagers perched amongst tSognefjord's steep glacier valleys.
Bergen is Norway's second largest city, yet still maintains its charm.
The view of Bergen after a trip up the Fløibanen funicularMt Fløyen, the hill above Bergen, has plenty of opportunities for walking.
and mushrooms...

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