Sunday, 22 April 2007

Chocolux Cafe

57 Peel St, Soho, Central
Visited Saturday 21 April

It was Saturday night and somewhat strangely I was lucky enough to be going for a drink with four women. As I was led through the lanes and backstreets of Central I didn't know where we were going, but I was pretty sure it wasn't to the bars of Wanchai. We ended up was the tiny, chocolate themed cafe, Chocolux.

Coffee, cakes, crepes and chocolate based cocktails are the mainstay of Chocolux and they generally look excellent. I tasted a rich hot brownie sundae and a hot molten Chocolate cake that's centre oozed delightful, chocolate goo; both were superb. I also sipped a chocolate martini, which was lovely with the chocolate being a lot more subtle than I expected. The coffee I had was good and the glass of Bordeaux very drinkable. If I had to find fault with Chocolux it would be its limited range of alcoholic drinks. It is the sort of place you go to sit and chat, while sipping and nibbling. Some more interesting selections on the wine list, including more by the glass options, along with some premium brand spirits rather than just the cheap, generic brands they stock for cocktails would go a long way.

Chocolux really is a delightful, late night treat. Rich chocolate desserts, cocktails and coffee should be enough of an attraction for anyone. A recommended stop for pure self indulgence.

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