Friday, 6 April 2007

Vinicole D' Andlau Barr Gewurztraminer, 2005

Vinicole D' Andlau Barr Gewurztraminer 2005
Alsace, France, $119, cork seal

This wine was a purchased with Naomi in mind and her love of all things sweet. I first tried Alsace wine on Christmas morning 2000 when I went to have 'aperitif' with the neighbours of the French family I was staying. In my extremely hung over state, the fragrant glass I was offered was a joy to drink and relatively easy to stomach, especially compared to the mussels that were also being pushed my way. I've had a soft spot for the good growers of Alsace ever since.

Well the wine. Sweet and fragrant with a nose that leaps out at you, wofts of appealing flowers, honey and perhaps rose water and turkish delight. It tastes rich and thick with a lovely, but not over bearing sweetness. The alcohol content seems quite high to me at 13%, and I found the slight aftertaste of alcohol warmth a bit distracting. One word fits perfectly to describe this wine, pretty. A pretty wine to look at - being a light metallic gold colour, a pretty wine to smell and a pretty wine to taste.

Previously retailing for more, I picked this bottle up for $119 and at that price I would say it is fair value. A perfect wine to be sharing with Naomi over meal at our local favourite Thai Modern, unless of course their bloody liquor license application is successful and we can no longer enjoy the benefits of BYO, free of corkage charge.

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