Sunday, 22 April 2007

Shek O Chinese and Thailand Restaurant

No 303, Shek O Village, Hong Kong Island
Visited 21st April

Overcast, drizzling weather and a slightly sore head isn't really the best recipe for a day frolicking at the beach, but my first visit to Shek O was a wonderful surprise. A little surf, great views, waves of white sand, beach volleyball and big sandcastle were complemented by a good meal at Shek O Chinese and Thailand Restaurant. This eatery just back from the beach in Shek O village is ideally suited to a big group sucking down a shared banquet; the perfect place for wet sandy bathers and noisy families.

The extensive menu was probably closer to Thai inspired Chinese, rather than authentic Thai, but what was offered was good, cheap grub. Our big group shared a never ending parade of tasty dishes including: chili coconut crab, salt and pepper squid, deep-fried tofu and two whole steamed fish. The winelist looked surprising good and reasonably priced, with a couple of interesting Australian Rieslings and Semillions listed, but after a day on the beach it was big bottles of Tsing Tao that we were getting excited about. The service was friendly, the food good value and the atmosphere relaxed. Shek O Chinese and Thailand Restaurant is a great place to finish a day on Shek O's beach; both are worth the trek.

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