Monday, 6 August 2007

A Big Birthday at Lazzar Winery

60th Birthday at Lazzar Winery
4th August

You don't turn thirty every day and by the time the 4th August came around I'd already turned thirty a couple of days ago; we had a party anyway. I hooked up with a mate - who's a whole twenty-four hours younger and noticeably immature and less sophisticated - for a combined 60th. The crowd was select: a few close friends, a few family and a one questionable bloke who seems to get invited to everything.
Lazzar Winery was selected as the venue, more for its intimate nature and handy location on the edge of the thriving metropolis of Balnarring, rather than for any culinary or vino delights. The small restaurant was basically ours; a wood fireplace blazed, wattle decorated the tables and the staff were friendly. Being a winery the tasting bench got a look in before dinner; the whites seemed pleasant enough, with the Arneis probably being the highlight. The reds were a mixed selection; the Pinot Noir did absolutely nothing for me, while the Cabernet Merlot blend was pleasantly drinkable, the Cabernet was good, but the favourite for the night was the Tempranillo; of which the team tucked into quite a few bottles.

When we arrived I saw fresh lettuce being gathered from the garden so I had high hopes for the menu. There was a choice of four or five mains from which I picked the stuffed squid; it was disappointingly dry and rubbery, while on the other hand Naomi's generous serve of osso bucco was delightful. The desserts were again a bit of a mixed bag, some where positive, some weren't. I thought the food was pretty good, but certainly not overly exciting, though on a night like this what has food got to do with anything? I was with friends and family having a party, Nana was there tearing it up, I was an old bugger amd it was all happening in Australia. Thanks to everyone for making it such a fantastic night. Visit winery website.

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