Saturday, 11 August 2007

Samuel's Gorge Grenache 2004

Samuel's Gorge Grenache 2004
McLaren Vale, South Australia, Aus $35, cork seal

This bottle was given to us as we walked out of the Samuel's Gorge winery in the McLaren Vale yesterday. The winemaker Justin McNamee was apologetic that he had to leave (it was 5.30pm!) and offered us a bottle to "take home for dinner". Not only is Justin a fantastic bloke, he is a wine maker full of energy, enthusiasm and passion. Of all the wineries we visited yesterday he was certainly the person least able to afford to be handing out free bottles, yet he was extremely generous in doing so.
We drank this alongside an tasty dried kangaroo, sundried tomato and pinenut pasta, while watching The Incredibles on TV. Justin actually reminded us a little of the evil red-headed villain in the film, but I'm just glad he uses his powers for the good of wine rather than evil.

The nose has an initial burst of vanilla oakiness, but it settled down and was replaced by a parade of savoury flavours. There are magnificent aromas of crumbly dried herbs, accompanied by tobacco, spice and alluring red cherries, raspberries and plum. On the palate there's a fair bit of sexy sweet fruit; black cherries, red currents and cranberries, but this is balanced by lingering savoury flavours. The wine maker, Justin McNamee, talks about the texture of his wines and I definitely appreciated the thick, creaminess of Samuel's Gorge 2004 Grenache. The palate was smooth and integrated; a couple of times there were hints of alcohol sneaking through, but it was reined in. Samuel's Gorge 2004 Grenache is a big thumbs up from LB and a big thumbs up from me; a superb, sensual drinking experience.

If you can't visit the magnificent cellar door then checkout the website.

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