Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Holiday's Over

Return to Hong Kong

All good things come to an end and, well, I'm back. The pollution is high, the weathers disgustingly hot and life is suddenly very busy. Despite what a mate is saying this blog is called 'Eating HK', not 'Eating Australia' and I'm looking forward to keeping the posts coming on all things food and wine in Hong Kong.


Edward said...


That's an amazingly clear photo of HK island. In the short 10 days I was there is was much smoggier. I think the pollution index got to 109 (anything over 50 considered high, Sydney on the same day was 26 I think).

Keep up the good work!

Andrew said...

Hi again Edward

The pollution in Hong Kong is certainly a huge problem. Many of the expat community cite it as the one reason why they do not like living here, will not stay longer etc. Where I live out in the New Territories it's only about five kms across Deep Water bay to the huge city of Shenzhen in China, yet most days all I can see is a polluted, smoggy haze.

The photo was taken on one of those lucky days which happen once a month or so when everything comes together and Hong Kong looks as it should.

Thanks for all the positive comments.