Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Hahndorf's Chocolate

149 Bulleen Rd, North Balwyn, Victoria
Visited 31st July

I really just wanted to review this great little cafe as it's North Balwyn; the place where I grew up, where Mum and Dad still live and the perfect example of the sweet dream of Australian suburban 'bliss'. Hahndorf's began in the town of Coleraine in Victoria's Western District in 1986. Founded by German immigrants, they make exceptional chocolates. Expanding into Melbourne they now have a scattering of cafes that offer not just chocolates, but coffee and cake. When I'm staying with my parents this is a favourite spot for a coffee after a walk along the Yarra.
Hahndorf's is comfortably laid out with tantalising displays of tasty chocolates along the walls. Mum and I stopped by for morning coffee and it seemed the rest of North Balwyn had too; the place was crammed. Within only a minor delay I was served a decent cafe latte, which was accompanied by the usual complementary truffle, I chose a chocolate coated, coffee filled delight. While the coffee was good, the chocolate was outstanding; life suddenly seemed very worthwhile.

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Anonymous said...

Looking at the Leader newspaper photos for Hahndorf's and the state of the machinery making the chocolates do make one wonder about the health aspects of eating same.

Andrew said...


I just found the photos and they're interesting.

There does seem to be a lot of chocolate smeared around the place and some of those machines are rather worn, but I wonder if this different from any other factory that is making the food we eat, especially a small artisanal one?