Thursday, 24 January 2008

Arthur Metz Gewurztraminer 2006

Arthur Metz Gewurztraminer 2006
Alsace, France, $112, plastic cork seal

I've had a bad time of Gewurztraminer recently. Three average bottles of wine over as many weeks were nearly enough to put me off the varietal, but lucky I found this little number rolling around the back of the fridge.

A fine yellow colour, with just a sparkle of gold. The nose is lush and aromatic; there's banana and tropical fruit flavours, alongside ginger, flowers and a slight smokiness that's interesting and appealing. The palate is ruled by ripe red apples and tropical fruits; perhaps mango. There’s also lovely spicy flavours and a few drops of honey. Arthur Metz Gewurztraminer 2006 definitely has traces of syrupy sweetness, yet it's also somehow crisp and refreshing; a very drinkable drink. While it doesn't have amazing length, it's an enjoyable wine and for the price offers excellent value.

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In general, Gewurztraminer is full of pleasant aroma of Lychee...