Thursday, 17 January 2008

Hing Lok Restaurant

11D Pak She Praya RD, Cheung Chau
Visited 12th January 2008
An unusually clear and sunny Saturday inspired a trip from Central Ferry Pier 5 to visit the little island of Cheung Chau. Naomi and I enjoyed exploring the village's winding backstreets, visiting Pak Tai Temple and walking around the southern headlands for spectacular vistas of Lantau, Hong Kong and Lamma Islands. Cheung Chau is famous for seafood and we tucked into lunch at the busy restaurant strip on Praya Rd. We picked Hing Lok Restaurant at random and like its competition it makes the most of the great views with alfresco seating by the harbour. Lunch at a seafood restaurant with someone who doesn't eat seafood can be a bit tricky, but Naomi and I made the most of it and picked a few 'Australian favourites'. We shared 'sweet and sour chicken' and 'beef fried rice'; I also had a cheeky serve of 'pepper and salt squid' on the side. I really enjoyed the fried rice that was simple and satisfying with finally diced beef, spring onion and egg. Naomi was more than happy with the chicken which wasn't overly gluggy or sweet. The lightly battered fried squid was fresh, succulently tender and well seasoned with just enough 'pepper and salt' to compliment a big cold bottle of Tsing Tao.

Eating outside on such a pleasant day was fantastic, as were the views of fisher folk going about life in harbour and the peaks of Lantau sparkling in the sun. The food at Hing Lok Restaurant was basic, but good and excellent value at just over $100 for the three dishes. Big bottles beers for $20 are bargain and ideally suited for a long lunch. The alfresco atmosphere on Praya Rd is great, though I'm not sure if there'd be a bit of an aroma from the harbour at low tide. A visit to Cheung Chau is always recommended and Hing Lok Restaurant certainly isn't a bad spot for lunch.


Edward said...


I was wondering how you spotted that my photo was Cheung Chau. . . You're last photo is almost in the same spot as mine I think :)

When we visited in November - we walked towards the pirate cave - a place I had never been despite perhaps a dozen visits to the island over 3 decades. We then went past the local cemetery and then back into the residential area. Perhaps a 60 minute slow walk, and in the opposite direction to all my previous walks. Really very beautiful, lots of butterflies and we even managed to find some of the local 'shy flowers' - the ones whose leaves shut once touched.

Sounds like a lovely day.

Andrew said...

Hi Edward,

I agree; photos were from very similar positions. With the terrible pollution in HK any sunny, clear day is a special event and normally means a day out.

I haven't been to the pirate cave yet; I normally head the other way around the headland past the big rock shaped like a head. As I've got lots of visitors coming in the next few months I'll try and find a chance to go exploring in that direction.


Anonymous said...


I turned left perhaps 500m prior to the pirate cave turn off, and headed up a small hill towards the cemetery, so I never quite made it to the cave. The walk way is newly reclaimed, which is perhaps why I haven't been that way before.


Andrew said...

Lot's of exploring to be done on Cheung Chau then. For a small island it offers a great day out.