Friday, 25 January 2008

Breakfast at Staunton's Wine Bar

10-12 Staunton St, Soho
Visited 20th January 2008

A mate was visiting from Singapore and I'd given him a thorough tour of Lan Kwai Fong the previous night. As we'd had Yum Cha Saturday and we were meeting another mate in Central for Sunday breakfast we decided a good old fashioned fry up was in order. Perched next to the mid-level escalator, Staunton's Wine Bar is something of a Soho landmark. They've a good winelist and on weekend afternoons happy drinkers spill forth all over the street. When I'm in Soho I often head to Staunton's for coffee because it's served in the best big mugs in Hong Kong.

It was hungry and hung-over and it only took me about a second to decide upon a 'full English breakfast'. The packed plate placed before me was piled with two poached eggs, bacon, a sausage, baked beans, a grilled tomato and mushrooms. It all hot, freshly cooked and just what I needed. The bacon was crisp and the eggs were perfectly done. I admit I'm from Melbourne - home of the cafe breakfast - and I'm critical, but for me bread is often the weak link of a cooked breakfast. In this case it was a couple of thin slices of average, brown, 'supermarket style' stuff; serviceable, but some Ciabatta or Turkish bread would have been fantastic or even just a good quality fresh, thick cut loaf. My meal was well cooked and tasty, but it wasn't excellent; the bread was a turn-off and the pool of sloppy canned baked beans did nothing for me.

I like Staunton's; it's always a good place to stop for coffee, beer or bacon. The service is professional, the decor light and airy and the prices fair for SoHo; my fry-up was $108 and the couple of coffees I drunk $32 each. My meal was tasty, but basic and the rest of their breakfast menu is of the same ilk; good but not interesting or exciting. I'd love to see Staunton's offering a few more creative options; all up satisfying but simple.

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