Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Villa Russiz Tocai Friulano 2006

Villa Russiz Tocai Friulano Collio DOCG 2006
Capriva del Friuli, Italy, €16.50, cork seal

This is my entry for Wine Blogging Wednesday #41. Fork and Bottle who are running the event warned it can be difficult to find Friuli wines, but not if you've just visited Italy and were able to ask the lovely people at Enoteca Scali. The wine's made from 100% Tocai Friulano grapes and comes from Italy's northern most wine region; Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Classified as DOCG Collio, Villa Russiz Tocai Friulano 2006 is produced by the “A. Cerruti” Villa Russiz Institution; a charitable trust that does education and youth work along side its serious role as a winery.

Villa Russiz Tocai Friulano 2006 is a pretty straw gold colour. There was an initial whiff of grassy herbs, which was quickly replaced by an attractive nose oozing ripe pears, apple juice and almonds. The palate was a wealth of delightful flavours; cantaloupe, nectarines, grapefruit and pears with a slight bitter aftertaste. On the first sip there was a pinching slap of sharp acidity, but the wine settled down and became seductively full and lush, almost syrupy in its rich texture. At 15% alcohol it packs a punch and unfortunately alcohol dominates the finish. Villa Russiz Tocai Friulano 2006 impressed me with its complex, interesting palate and rich lushness; though the alcohol was off-putting.

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Anonymous said...

I'd find the alcoholic finish to be off-putting, too. Great flavour profile!

Argey said...

great site. super entertaining. :)

Andrew said...


It was an interesting wine with lovely rich flavours. The alcohol was a little better on the second night to be fair.


Thanks for the positive comments - you have some interesting photos tucked away on your sites.