Monday, 31 March 2008

A Bad Pie at the Footy

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens
28th to 30 March 2008

Australians use the expression 'a bad pie at the footy' to signify when they're feeling a little under the weather, with an inference that this is due to a beer more or two too many the night before. For me it's a perfect expression to describe this weekend as there were a couple of times when I was feeling a little fragile and yes to top it off I really did eat a bad pie at the footy.

The event was the annual Hong Kong Rugby 7s; an explosive weekend of exciting, fast passed sport. The reason for being a little seedy was a toxic combination of mates visiting from overseas, a large contingent of boys from rugby, a heaving 'South Stand' and a fantastic vibe on the streets of LKF. And the pie? The pie was terrible; average pastry, no recognisable meat, sloppy texture and it was 'served' sitting in an embarrassingly stupid frilly thing. Bad pie; great footy.

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