Sunday, 9 March 2008


Shop 102 Stanley Plaza, Stanley
Visited 8th March 2008

A Saturday trip to Stanley to stock up on tack with the tourists at least had the compensation of being able to slip into Saffron for a 'sly pie'. Hong Kong seems to have a 'bakery' on every corner, yet unfortunately the vast majority are absolute rubbish: serving nothing but stale sponge cakes and sweet bread with the crusts cut off. Saffron on the other hand is a real bakery. Located in Stanley Plaza it doesn't have a sea view, but the range of cakes on display is almost better. There's plenty of treats to take home including great looking loaves; apparently they also have branches in Tai Tam and Quarry Bay.

The good people at Saffron describe their massive selection of goodies as "artesian breads, enticing salads, scrumptious sandwiches and fabulous cakes". I went with a beef and burgundy pie, a side salad and a coffee. The pie was superb with thick chunks of tender beef, diced vegetables and an obvious rich flavour imparted from the wine. The watercress based salad was lovely and the coffee of an impressive standard. The others all ate cakes, slices and muffins and there murmurs of satisfaction were obvious, though I reckon Dad regrets not get stuck into a pie; the fool.

Saffron reminds me of how bakeries should be, only better. Their range of produce is fantastic and there's something there to temp everyone; even big jars of old school mixed lollies for kids (and Naomi). Prices are reasonable, the staff friendly and most importantly the food is superb. Saffron comes highly recommend and surely a couple of coffees there are a better option than being dragged through that market.


Anonymous said...

I've been to the one in quarry bay...I love it.

Andrew said...

Hey MashaO

I love Saffron too. Their cakes are delicious. When ever I go there I always eat too many of the free samples...