Thursday, 6 March 2008

Stable Bend Terrace

3/F Happy Valley Stand, Happy Valley Racetrack
Visited 5th March 2008

Honk Kong loves horse racing and is pretty partial to a punt on the side. My parents and Aunt have arrived in town and for their first night out we all trucked across to the Wednesday races at Happy Valley. Run by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Stable Bend Terrace is located on a third floor balcony at the end of the straight past the finishing line. The views of the races are spectacular and the outdoor seating helps to create a lively atmosphere. For those interested in a little flutter there's betting facilities manned by extremely helpful staff who are happy to assist the novice.

Centred around a huge barbeque Stable Bend Terrace is a buffet style restaurant that also includes all you can drink wine, beer and orange juice. The chiefs on the barbie cook up a range of grilled treats including sausages, satay sticks, corn cobs, deliciously sticky pork ribs, chicken drumsticks and fish fillets. There's also soup, a salad bar and a dessert selection of which the highlight are delectable designer chocolates. The beer's Grolsch and the red wine was a passable Chilean Cabernet. The food itself is OK, though rather basic and limited in variety and interest; serviceable, but uninspiring.

Stable Bend Terrace is an easy and fun way to soak up the races. A buffet is ideal to graze at while you cheer on horse four in race four, though for $390 a head I'd like to see more variety and more interesting dishes. The furniture is also pretty average with the wobbly plastic chairs and tables reminding me of something found abandoned in an Australian backyard. When all's said and done though, efficient staff, free flowing drinks and a little sparkle in the air all contribute to a fantastic atmosphere. While it probably wouldn't survive anywhere else Stable Bend Terrace is a great way to check out the Wednesday night action at Happy Valley.
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