Monday, 7 July 2008

Ironstone Vineyards 'Obsession' Symphony 2006

Sierra Foothills, USA, $119, stelvin seal

This sounds like a perfume - "Obsession Symphony; the new fragrance for the Californian Man" - but it's actually a bottle of wine made from the Symphony grape. Created at the University of California in the 1960s Symphony is a cross between Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris. I'd never heard of Ironstone Vineyards, but after a little research and I now know that they're a large producer located in the Sierra Foothills AVA which is apparently "in the heart of California’s scenic Gold Rush Country".
OK; Ironstone Vineyards 'Obsession' is a nice straw golden colour. It smells delicious with plenty of lush tropical flavours; guava and melon dominate but there's also a twist of lime, grapes and flowering herbs. The first couple of sips were very 'fresh' with a touch of frizzante action, but it settled down to become rather full and lush. There're plenty of tropical fruit flavours on the palate, plus peaches and pears. It's got a touch of sweetness, but it's subtle enough to just round the palate off nicely. Ironstone Vineyards 'Obsession' Symphony 2006 really is an attractive wine; reasonably priced, well suited to local cusine and delightfully aromatic.

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