Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Stick My Wine Where?

'Wine-cellar Proposal for Bunkers'
South China Morning Post, 30th June 2008 p.C3

I worked in a hotel in England once where the jacuzzi was an old World War 2 machine-gun bunker. The cost and hassle associated with demolishing the reinforced concrete walls meant it was simpler for the owners to cover it in tiles and then fill it with jets, water and pale, bikini clad holiday makers. Vivienne Chow reported in Monday's South China Morning Post of another alternative being offered for some of Hong Kong's old military bunkers.

The article details the 'discovery' of a new series of bunkers near Lei Yue Mun by Gregory De-eb, who by chance runs Crown Wine Cellars; a facility that is located in disused bunkers at Shouson Hill near Deep Water Day. By filling the bunkers with wine it is suggested that a historical site could be preserved while helping supply adequate wine storage; something Hong Kong will apparently need if it is going to realise the much toted label and become an 'international wine hub'. The article, if nothing else, at least draws the reader's attention to the need for better wine storage in Hong Kong; we'll have to wait and see if bunkers are the answer.

Explore some of Hong Kong's historic bunkers for yourself by walking the Wong Nai Chung Gap trail.

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