Friday, 5 September 2008

To Love Yuen Long

'Yuen Longings'
HK Magazine, 5th September 2008, p.12

Everyone knows Yuen Long; it's the "cultural capital of the northern hemisphere", a "place where magic happens" and for me it is home. I was pretty impressed then to see a feature titled 'Yuen Longings' in this week's HK Magazine. The article by Cherry Ko suggests places to "eat", places to "play" and places to witness Yuen Long's diverse "history". The restaurants Ko suggests are Wing Nin Noodle Stall, an egg roll joint, the every popular Tanaka Sushi and Red Penny Thai (which is probably technically in Kam Tin). While brief the article raises awareness of some of the many things to be in Yuen Long. OK I'm a bit biased but Yuen Long really is where "the magic happens"! Read the article online or visit Yuen Long's great little tourist website.

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Anonymous said...

Yuen Long indeed does have lots of interesting places to eat. Standards and quality do vary however, even within the same establishment, over time.

Your blog is enjoyable. Thank you for the effort you put into it.

John D