Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Best Coffee in School

Quality coffee in Yuen Long

Recently I seem to be discussing nothing but wine and figured I may as well separate the bottles of vino with my other favourite beverage. I'm a big coffee man and this year life has taken a dramatic improvement with decent coffee finally coming to work. For my first two years I made do with a plunger and a splash of milk, but after buying a small electric hot plate I can now brew a bit of magic under my desk. Work is now all about freshly ground Chip Seng coffee, a stove-top espresso machine and fresh milk frothed to perfection; things are so much more civilised.

You Long's restaurants can boast a grand total of five espresso machines between them (1, 2, 3, a juice place and McCafé!). When some of the best coffee in town comes from McDonalds you know things are tough, yet now at least in one school there's a decent aroma floating around the staff room. Life is good.


Helen said...

pity you're so far away, you tick all the right boxes... food, wine and now coffee - I had no idea! lol... thanks for your blog, it's always a great read.

Anonymous said...

McDonald's can often surprise one: I remember having some rather decent champagne quite early one morning in the mid 1980's at the the branch in the Trade Centre on Yuen Long Main Road...

...admittedly, it was at the opening ceremony.

And, reportedly, they are now giving away free coffee and tea to senior citizens.

John D

Andrew said...

Helen - do we thank the Kew and Camberwell outposts of that culinary Empire for our love of all things good in life? Did it all start with an average cup of filter coffee doing setup at 5.30 Saturday morning or tossing a few thin fatty burgers on a Friday after school??

John - I worked for McDonalds for quite a few years in my youth and all I got for my service was a company pen upon retirement. You were very, very lucky to get champagne from them! Though from my personal experiences I can't knock McDonalds, as a kid working for them they were actually pretty good to me and I had a fantastic time earning a bit of cash a meeting a lot of other young delinquents.