Thursday, 9 October 2008

Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

4 Hoxton Square, London
Visited 8th October 2008

A brief visit to the UK finished with a few spare hours in London. My brother was off work and before you could say "time for a beer in the sun" we found ourselves slapped out the front of the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen with a couple of cold pints. A cool corner of London tucked away in the north-east side of town, Hoxton Square is close to my brother's new home and an area I hadn't visited before. The pub is all modern, slick design and its open front allows punters to spew out in the square and make the most of London's rare sunny afternoons.

Looking at the past posts I seem to eat a lot of hamburgers in pubs and this little excursion was no exception. I ordered up a bacon and cheese burger and the resulting monstrosity was rather good. The bread roll was fresh and crunchy (oh how things have changed in London) and the thick, meaty patty was topped with tasty smoked bacon and melted cheddar. This big flavoursome burger came with tasty hand cut chips. To drink we sucked on pints of Red Strip an average Jamaican larger that seems to be all the rage in London.

The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen is very cool and very London. I'm not sure how much I would have enjoyed the place on a busy Friday night, but on a weekday afternoon is was a great spot to stop for a feed and a couple of beers. The burgers were bloody good, but at £9.50 a pop expensive, but that's the nature of the beast that is London. After a hectic few days in Cornwall it was nice to be able to relax and it's amazing what you can squeeze into a few hours. Before I bordered CX254 to Hong Kong I'd visited three pubs, caught up with a two separate mates, drank a few pints and had lunch in the sun with my brother at Hoxton Square.
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