Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Square

4/F Exchange Square II, Central
Visited 11th October 2008

The second restaurant in a row with 'square' in the name; though this time I'm dining with visiting friends in Exchange Square, Hong Kong rather than Hoxton Square, London. The Square is located on the mezzanine level of corporate paradise; Exchange Square (I think I just wanted to say the word 'square' a few more times). It seems like the type of place that would thrive with the lunchtime crowd, but was only a third full on the Saturday night we visited. It's a tastefully laid out space with comfortable decor and broken views of the Victoria Harbour and Kowloon's blooming skyline.
For a Chinese restaurant the menu isn't overly extensive, though it included a number of Cantonese favourites and plenty of unnecessary luxuries like birds nest and shark fin. We ordered barbecue suckling pig, tangerine prawns, mushrooms with pea sprouts, beef with vegetables and braised chicken with chestnuts. The food was all of a high standard and all rather delicious. I especially enjoyed the tender braised chicken which was served sizzling from the oven and the plate of six huge juicy prawns that were delicately fried and garnished with a tangy, sweet and sour tangerine sauce. We happily drunk cold cans of Tsingtao, and though I didn't order wine the selection on offer looked reasonable value.

I was impressed with The Square; tucked away from the weekend crowds it was a pleasant environment for an evening meal. The friendly staff were extremely professional and more than happy to assist in making recommendations and explaining menu items, they were also responsible for some of the best beer pouring I've seen at a Chinese restaurant. At over $800 for the four of us, including service charge, I thought it was particularly good value, especially considering the high quality food and central location. The Square comes recommended.

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