Thursday, 2 October 2008

Delicious Seafood Restaurant

San Hing Praya St, Cheung Chau
Visited 1st October 2008

Chung Chau is becoming a favourite place to take visitors. The mix of tranquil forest paths, decent beaches, temples, an old town and busy fishing port makes for a good day out. I've had pretty good luck with the seafood restaurants along San Hing Praya St and while nothing outstanding this strip of alfresco eateries seems to dish up pretty decent Cantonese seafood. This time I picked Delicious Seafood Restaurant because of the mass of locals filling the place - all I might add who looked more like pirates than fisherman. We plonked ourselves on the plastic outdoor tables; the perfect place for observing harbour life on a busy spring afternoon.

The menu at Delicious Seafood Restaurant has all the expected Cantonese dishes with a leaning towards seafood; fresh tanks of which decorate the front of the restaurant. We ordered fried rice, a roast pigeon, some fried beef with onions and the mandatory salt and pepper squid. The food was pretty good. The rice and pigeon were OK, the beef a little too sweet, but tender and the crispy fried calamari deliciously fresh. A couple of big bottles of Tsingtao for $25 each were definitely a bit of winner.

Delicious Seafood Restaurant is a decent enough place to stop for a feed. The staff were friendly, though like all the restaurants along this strip they did tend to have a bit of hustle about them; there’s plenty of menu holding employees touting to innocent out for a stroll. The food was pretty good, and fair value at about $80 each including a couple of beers. There was nothing really wrong with Delicious Seafood Restaurant, but I'm not sure if there was anything about it special enough to draw me back.


Edward said...


Very evocative post. I've been watching the aussie version of 'Master Chef' (reality TV) and currently they are in HK. I miss the place and the diversity of experiences. The pirate description is a good one, even with the development and rebuilding, there is something still so appealing about the place.

Andrew said...

Hi Ed,

I know you are a fan of Cheung Chau, it really is a special place - a little island that has a little bit of everything. If I'm having a day out with HK people I normally prefer Lantau Island; it's closer to my home, the beaches are nicer and there's a lot of Country Park for exploring, hiking and running. On the other hand if I've got visitors in town I normally always head to Cheung Chau; there's so much to see and ferry trip offers some great views of HK Island (if we’re lucky enough to get a clear day).

I saw the TV ads for Master Chef when I was briefly back in Australia at Easter, is it any good?


Edward said...


Master chef is certainly very popular (in terms of ratings). I'm hooked. The production values are excellent and the contestants have some appeal.

It's a guilty pleasure (but isn't all TV), which some of my fellow bloggers seem to hate.

Helen said...

Certainly not one to jump on board reality tv, but Masterchef has been a new found love.
It has definately re-awakened my love for great food, which tends to get lost when cooking for a family every night! And the past week whilst in Hong Kong has been very intriguing.

Andrew said...

Helen, Edward

I've started having a little look online and I think I'm about to get addicted myself...